Trips and Tips

  • A nice trip

I had another post in mind for today. However, I went on a trip to the mountains with some of my friends and I didn’t find it fit to write it (at least, not today). I felt that I have to tell you how it had been, especially because I had a great time.

It has been the first time when I went with only my friends on a trip (no parents or teachers involved). So you can guess it was a very big deal.

We went to Sinaia, a mountain resort in Romania. We’ve chosen it over the seaside because even if it too hot for this season, the water is not nearly as warm as it should be. We’ve stayed there for three days, including the arrival and the departure. It isn’t a long period of time, I know. I wish it had been longer. But we still managed to visit the city, the park, and some important tourist attractions.

The Peleș Castle has been tremendously impressive. There lived King Carol I and Queen Elizabeth. It was the first castle to be entirely electrified on the continent. Did you know that it was and is still considered to be one of the most beautiful castles in Europe?

There’s no surprise since it combines three to five architectural styles – and I’ve only seen 50 rooms out of 300! It is a magnificent thing as the castle, taken as a whole, is harmonically designed. But just imagine German Neo-Renaissance, Italian Renaissance, French Baroque, Art 1900, all gathered in one construction.

I’ve seen rooms as one could only imagine or read about. It took by surprise all my senses. So many purposeful chambers and secret doors. I felt like in a labyrinth… or a royal trap. I find it difficult to live in such a place. It has the power to make one (whoever he might be) weak and meaningless.

History passionate should definitely check it out if they get to Sinaia.


  • Be one with nature

Green dominated this trip. Forest, fresh spring grass, parks… it was refreshing. I’ve visited the park which is quite big, even though not as large as when I was a mere child.

Just make sure you do spend some time outside, ”ín the wild”. Having fun and visiting are important aspects; but in the century in which people are oblivious regarding nature, you should make a difference.

I don’t say that you should put your life in danger by in the dark depths of the forest where you could meet a not-so-friendly bear. However, take the chance to inhale the clear air, to see places you haven’t seen before, to make a picnic (but please, for God’s sake, don’t let all the trash behind you).

Many persons must learn to respect the surroundings and to let them as they had been found, for the joy of the future newcomers.


5 Tips for a Successful Trip


  1. Plan ahead!

    Don’t let it on the last-minute to buy the tickets (if you need any), or to make a booking. Also, don’t go on a trip with the hope you’ll find some offers for accommodation because you might be wrong – unless you have a ”plan B”.

  2. Do some research!

    Make a list of the landmarks you want to visit. Be sure to read a little about the history of the place you are going to visit. It will make you staying so much easier if you plan on visiting something.

  3. Choose your clothes wisely!

    Think how you could combine the clothes before throwing them into a luggage. You’ll end up by saying ”I have nothing to wear!”. Furthermore, don’t take too many clothes. If you go somewhere by train, they will be harder to carry the. However, be sure to take one cosy blouse in case there will be some heavy raining and cold weather.

  4. Explore!

    From the very beginning, search for places where you may eat, supermarkets, tourist routes, taxi stations, so you can have an overall view of the place. It comes in handy at times.

  5. Look on the bright side of things!

    Something may go wrong. It happens. Don’t stress yourself about it. Try to enjoy the rest of the trip and cheer yourself up. You should have fun and make memories.

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