Describe the Best Way to Resolve Health Problems Around the World

People have confronted with health issues since the very beginning of the time. As a normal consequence, they had fervently tried to solve them by any means. However, the problem proved to be more than challenging. Needless to say, there are many plans on which we should work if we want to improve our health and to decrease the rate of the deaths cause by diseases.

I personally consider dehydration to be one the most dangerous causes of the dozens of decreases, along with malnutrition. Fortunately, more and more foundations grow aware of this and try to do something regarding the matter. Dehydration affects every continent, from America to Africa. A solution can be hardly found since Earth’s water resources are limited. Hopefully, with the rapid progress of science, we will be able to overcome the above-mentioned issue.

Until then, I think that we should be realistic and pragmatic. The problems we address to should be the ones we certainly know that are solvable. Stress definitely plays a crucial role in one’s health. With the increased need of money, people are forced to overwork themselves to exhaustion, shortening their lives. Such constant effort endangers one’s health, as it affects both the body and the mind. It sometimes goes even beyond, making one suffer from emotional disequilibrium.

People tend to underestimate the damage the stress or the lack of sleep can do. In the rush of the 21 century, the leaders take advantage of their subalterns’ desperation. We reached the point where we crave money as if it’s the last thing that keeps us alive. In such conditions, when the adult has been already brainwashed by the society, we can no longer hope that some pieces of advice, or some articles in the newspaper, or any other peaceful action would make a difference. We have to act firm and to draw some very clear lines – we need very good laws, we need people with morality who will apply the law without exceptions, and we also need to teach people their rights.

In order to prevent the next generation from being trapped in the crazy life we call adulthood, the parents should actively involve in their children’s life, teaching them to praise the beauty of living, of being present. If one understands that money is not everything in life, he won’t ever be manipulated by such shallow things. Campaigns should be done often, so that the action takes place globally. A well-informed man is powerful. But this kind of approach should not concentrate only on the employee. On no account is he the one to blame. The fault is their bosses’ to whom we should address.

I would also suggest introducing meditation classes to relieve stress. It would help one clear his mind and focus, even if just for the moment, on the simple fact that he’s alive, that he still has time to do something great. What’s more is that developing the capacity to detach at a mental level from the material world, means strengthening one’s spiritual force – and when the spirit is prepared, there are no boundaries.

In conclusion, I consider that in order to be able to eliminate the harmful stress from our lives, we need determination, laws, and education. I would go even further by saying that we need to change our mentality.