Your hands are on my body,

And your breath is on my neck;

Should some watch us now,

They might have a heart attack.

The passion’s in the air,

It’s burning our skin —

Our limbs tangle, but the touch

Only worsens the ache underneath the skin.

You whisper my name,

I don’t dare to speak yours;

What we have is far from my fairytale fantasy

It’s rather lusting in the rawest form,

But I can manage with that

As long as you bury me into oblivion.


In my heart, there’s only the desert.


Writing Prompts to Boost Your Imagination

Hello, you!

I’m glad to see you around. Since you’re here, I’ll suppose you’re either desperately looking for The Muse or just need a break from you’re routine. Since I’m a writer and I understand how bad the first one is for somebody’s sanity, I hope you’re just curious and that’s why you clicked this link.

I also want to remind you that’s although it’s frustrating, there’s nothing abnormal with feeling stuck or uninspired. Or maybe you’re just bored. It happens to the best of us. You’ll get through this, I am sure.

Well, nevertheless, keep calm! I’m sure at least one prompt form the 30 that I came up with will get you going. Please, share your work in the comments below. I’d love to read your work.

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